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Chillies are very cool to use both as squares and cut & pieced together.  Take your Chillies to the next level with metallic thread and rhinestone embellishments.  Hopefully something will inspire you to try a new project today !!  Hover over the pictures for more details.

"Take Flight"

Take Flight Pattern & Starter Kits

Take Flight Pattern & Starter Kits

"Take Flight"

Don't over think it  --

just do it !!

Anybody Home? Chillie Pack

Anybody Home? Chillie Pack

Anybody Home??

Seat Belt Market Totes

Tips and Tricks -- Read before beginning your next project              using seat belt webbing

  • Only cut the webbing across it,  If it is cut in the the direct of the edges, it will unravel.  

  • Seal cuts, unless making a tassel, by using a hot source or glue. 

  • When adding bag bling ("handmade" labels), bag feet, handle connectors or snaps, be certain to seal the cut with glue. I use E6000, Liquid Nails and Super Glue.

  • I find that it is best to match the webbing and the thread.

Take a deep breath, have a piece of chocolate and just enjoy the time you spend exploring the endless possibilities !!

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