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Polychromatic images printed onto 100% cotton fabric.  These are fabrics that can be used like any other fabrics .. they can be long-armed, washed, dried or even hand-sewn with no difficulties.



Chillies can be featured in sewing and quilting projects, used as embellishments for accessories, framed as art, incorportated into garment construction and provide the focal point in craft projects.  Consider using them as you would a panel.  The possibilities are endless.



Chillies can be embellished in a number of ways.  Enchance the design by stitching over the lines with metallic or rayon threads.  Satin stitch in empty spaces to add dimension.  Use rhinestones to add just the right amount of bling !!



Machine wash with mild laundry detergent such as Kirkland Free & Clear or Dreft.  Do not dry clean.  Lay flat to dry or tumble dry on low.  There is no need to pre-wash the Chillies before use.


Image BD

PriceFrom $17.99
  • Watermark will not be on final product.


    Chillies are available in 4 sizes: 2.5" (24 pcs), 4" (12 pcs), 5" (12 pcs) and 6.5" (12 pcs).  


    All 12 images are the same.  Double the amount for 2.5" squares.

  • ©2019 All rights reserved. Due to copy right protection, squares can not be returned.

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