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For a limited time only, shipping is only $8.00 (per shipment).... order as many as you want and only pay $8.00


Your customers will love these awesome 1” round zipper pulls that they can add to their bags, clothing and even kid’s crafts projects.  Anything with a zipper will be instantly elevated with one of these pulls. There are over 700 unique designs, what a stylish way to add art to everything!!


Display near the register, either loose or packaged and watch the add-on sales climb !!

For $70.00 you will receive 100 assorted kaleidoscope zipper pulls. 

Retail for $1.50 - $2.00 each

or do a “4 For” and start making $$ today!!


For questions, contact us at 




Kaleidoscope Zipper Pulls Wholesale - 100 pcs


  • While we are not currently accepting returns or exchanges, please notify us immediately if there is a  problem with your purchase.

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