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Notebook/Planner Cover and Double-Sided Accessory Pouch

  • SMALL* fits 10"H x 8"W x 1"D notebooks (such as The Quilter's Planner)
  • MEDIUM fits 11"H x 8½"W x 1"D notebooks
  • LARGE fits 11¾"H x 10¼"W x 1½"D notebooks (such as 1½" 3-ring binders)


These sturdy, padded covers fit notebooks and planners in three sizes. 

Each features a handy outer zippered pocket as well as a slip pocket inside the back. 

A flap closure fastens with a hidden magnetic snap and an attached bookmark helps you find your place quickly. 

A see-through, double-sided accessory pouch holds pens, pencils, highlighters and markers, washi tape, post-its, and more. The pouch is sized to fit into either of the pockets or into the inner sleeve.

The Write Stuff

$9.95 Regular Price
$3.98Sale Price
  • SUPPLY LIST:Small (Medium, Large)

    Main fabric (exterior of cover, flap): 1/2 yd (1/2 yd, 1 yd)

    Coordinating fabric (sleeve, pocket, sleeve lining): 1/2 yd (1/2 yd, 1/2 yd)

    Second coordinating fabric (sleeve, sleeve lining): 1/2 yd (1/2 yd, 1/2 yd)

    Border fabric (border, binding on front pocket, bookmark): FQ (FQ, FQ)


    Foam stabilizer (58" wide): 1/2 yd (1/2 yd, 1/2 yd)

    Fusible interfacing: 1/2 yd (3/4 yd, 1 yd)

    Mesh fabric (pockets on pouch): 9" x 16" (10"x 17", 11" x 18")

    Vinyl, clear, heavyweight (base of pouch): 8-1/2" x 6-1/2" (9" x 7", 10" x 8-1/2")

    Handbag zippers (for cover, for pouch): One 14"/two 10" (One 16"/two 10", One 16"/two 12")


    14mm sew-in magnetic snap: 1 (1, 1)




  • Due to copyright laws, books and patterns are not returnable.

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