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Set includes all 4 pieces shown in the picture (Twist Locking Mechanism, Front Plate, Rear Plate Washer, and Twist Lock Washer to secure the Twist Lock to your application.


No Screws are used in this Twist Lock. It is simple to use. Just cut a small hole in your fabric, and secure the Front Face plate to the outside flap of purse or application. Bend the prongs down on the washer to secure the outside face plate securely to the flap. To finish off this application, cut two slit holes in your fabric in the "bag" part of the application. slide the washer on the inside of your bag, and once again bend the prongs over to secure. In minutes you will have added a profesional look to any bag. If you still need more instruction on how to apply these items, just go to, or Google "how to install Twist Locks". You will find many instructional videos to help aid you in your application.

Twist Lock Dimensions are: 5/8" Wide x 15/16" Tall.

Front Plate Dimentions are: 1 1/8" Wide x 7/8" Tall.

Twist Locks

$3.50 Regular Price
$1.75Sale Price

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