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Zippers - 30% off

Every attempt will be made to ship your order, the cheapest way possible.  All shipping charge will be actual amount.  If the system doesn't charge enough for longer, heavier items, you will receive an invoice for the additional amount and if you overpay, you will receive a refund.

Here's why these are the preferred handbag zippers of bagmakers everywhere:

  • Dress and skirt zippers carried by most local stores are too small. The #4.5 size is just the right size for purses, bags, and totes.

  • The wide zipper tape makes insertion easy.

  • Unlike zippers with chunky, molded polyester teeth, these handbag zippers are soft and flexible, making them easy to sew through. (No more broken needles!)

  • The nylon coil is strong and durable zip after zip.

  • The extra-long pull makes your bag or purse easy to open.

  • The soft coils make these zippers very easy to cut making "custom size zippers" a breeze. Need two 18" zippers, purchase a 40" zipper, cut it in half, put one pull on each side .... there you go !!

40" Handbag Zipper

Double Slide


chart 40.jpg
chart 40.jpg

Zipper By-The-Yard

4 yds zipper - 16 pulls


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