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Need a handbag right now and no time to make one ... why not purchase one of these ready made bags.  Whether a back pack, messenger, bowler or seat belt ... there is a bag available for everyone's needs.  


These are one-of-a-kind beautifully quilted jackets with front closure options and front pockets.  Pair this jacket with jeans or it would be the perfect piece for a business meeting, luncheon or put it in your bag for that cool summer night.  Anytime you need a little extra covering, pull it out and put it on.  Coming in August.

Jacket Blue Green1F.jpg


Why not enjoy your favorite beverage and be stylish at the same time??? Choose what you like and there is a tumbler for you ... whether mermaids, dragons, animal print, sea life or geometrics.  These thermal tumblers keep your beverage at temperature for an extended period of time.